Lucie Cais

Lucie has been in love with confectionery since childhood - her first cake baked when she was 7 years old. The confectionery school graduated in adulthood, at work, at a time when she had been a project manager for a long time.


After years in corporations, Lucie has decided to fulfill her dreams and devote herself to what she enjoys. So the Sugar Sugar Academy was born. Lucie is the heart and brain of the whole academy - from the idea to the organization of all masterclasses and workshops. Thanks to this, all lovers of sugar, sweets and baking can meet in the beautiful courtyard of Prague 7.

Libuše Miklová

Libuše has always been involved in confectionery. Originally, she went to grammar school, but after three months she "fled" to a confectionary school. During her studies she spent all her free time at the baker at the Kolář confectionery in Zlín, where she also started her job after school.


Libuše worked for 16 years as a confectionary master and graduated in Chemistry and Food Technology at the Tomas Bata University in Zlín. Twice she tried to leave the confectionery and found work outside the field, but the love for the craft (and sugar) always dragged her back.


After moving to Prague, she tried to work for Simply Good, the hotel Don Govani or the Tržan delicacies. In his spare time he likes to sport, discover new counties and read historical books. Libuše is looking forward to the baking courses of classic Czech desserts, bouquets and cakes, and will teach you how to roll and sweets without sugar.

Dagmar Linetová

Dagmar with baking, sweet and has been devoting sugar since 1993, when she joined a vocational school in Libušín for the confectioner's field, where she subsequently got a certificate with a school-leaving certificate. Today Dasa is the confectioner body and soul, but it was not always so. She longed to become a hairdresser. Parents then decided differently and Dasa did not feel much in the first few years in her field. True love for confectionery was found in Prague, where she later moved.


Today, he has 20 years of experience and a lot of experience to share with you on his courses. During her career she worked for example in the Confectionery Confectionery in Benešov or in the famous Paukert delicacies in Prague 1. For the last 5 years, she works in the St. Tropez confectionery on Vodičkova Street for handmade production of original cakes from the best raw materials.They are looking forward to you at courses for the production of festive cakes, macronuts and Czech classic pastry desserts.

Helena Nobile
Valerie Pashina

Helenka is an enthusiastic baker and cook, proud mother and also an excellent wedding coordinator. She likes to give you all the tips and experiences she has gathered during her bread baking experiments.

Valerie did get a cake to make a cake. She baked the first cake for a friend, then a couple of cakes for her acquaintances ... And suddenly she found her baking not only fun but that she had her first orders.

Baking has been devoted to five years, she first learned from the beginning by a trial-error method, but recently she preferred training with foreign lecturers and professional online courses. Recently, she has most enjoyed chocolate work, which she considers to be a little confectionary meditation

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